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Clyde (Fox / 3rd form / drawing) by Clyde-BLUESNAKE Clyde (Fox / 3rd form / drawing) by Clyde-BLUESNAKE

To color edited:…

Back in 2013 I was thinking of a new morph my OC/sona can turn into. I was thinking of a...

fox(NO the idea didn't come from listening to "What does the fox say?"! Now, inspiration came from Disney's Robin Hood:icondisneyrobinhoodplz:, Fox McCloud:iconfoxmccloudplz: from Star Fox, Delphox & the fox that ate the Gingerbread Man, maybe?)

wolf (Skyrim, Werewolf.)

lion (idea from my Leo zodiac, but end up won't be a form, probably as another character in the future?)

owl (from my Great-grandmother, she sometimes call me "Little Hoot Owl"(actually I have no memory of this for I was a young kid & taking the word of my mom & grandmother(Passed away in 2/2012 :()) during her last years before she passed away, way before I even started going to elementary school, so how I understand it from my family she call me it when I was 3 or 4 or younger)

dragon another (idea from my Snake zodiac, the Earth element/Wu Xing that is the Yellow Dragon)

monkey or goat/ram (from my 4 Pillars of Destiny, 1.Earth Snake 2.Water Monkey Both 3. & 4.Fire Goat)


Anyway, I end up the conclusion that a anthro fox as my 3rd form & probably in the future the wolf and owl will be others forms. Others above might be others characters in the future. Dunno.

So far my OCs are
Clyde (A being who have the power of elements & the ability to morph. So far he now have 3 forms a blue scaled snake/serpent, hedgehog(a Sonic F/OC), & now a fox.))
Dark Clyde (An alter universe character, have others that I haven't edited yet)
Neth (An FC from the Nintendo/Mario Universe that is a Dry Bones)

Clyde created by me.

Listening to music by from Lapfox Trax, some music by Super Psyguy, & other awesome artists from Bandcamp while I was drawing this.

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February 8, 2014
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